George Bush looking menacing for effect

All reasonable and sane voices at the time and since have condemned the war against Iraq as an aggression against human conscience by the Bush clan and their supporters

See article by "Professor Butt"; with his "own ideas"; on the reason for the attack in the mideast by the Bush clan and its supporters and the sanctions
related (click here)

A most able and articulate British MP Mr. George Galloway - clip 1

A most able and articulate British MP Mr. George Galloway - clip 2

No better record of conscionable minds prevailing instead on matters regarding Lebanon back then either it would similarly appear

The best of such Christianly spirits on the planet beset
by the consequences of unjustfied wars and related

Sir Gordon Brown (fomer PM at the time)
says the US knowingly lied about WMDshtml5 video
Sir George Galloway levels the charge that a
million souls were plain murdered in this
seeming madness

Video below of former British Prime Minister Mr. Tony
Blair called upon to defend the actions he took alongside his pal George Bush

 Omar Khadr
Then there's the case of Omar Khadr, a man who was
denied the designation of enemy combatant in a
manner as to see him treated justly as a POW and
released at the conclusion of hostilities after being
held under conditions pursuant to the Geneva
Convention on Human rights and the right treatment
of prisoners, rather than doing any of this right, the
Bush/Trudeau clan botched the whole thing as their
stupid ideas of wisdom always is doing, if you can
see through it - these freaks never get
ANYTHING RIGHT. After pissing away four trillion
dollars (we may never have enough to pay this
without printing currency without inflation alone being
the outcome - as no asset support would have been
brought into being I suspect for this no doubt)
Trudeau then rapes the coffers in canada for 10
Million dollars for Khadr who should rightly have been
paid by the Americans instead if he suffered from
torture etc without reasonable cause and even then
10 million is too much to take from our Irish spirited
families in Canada or the USA for the sheer minded
rank stupidity that the mindset of the witch that Bush
and Trudeau share on the planet - when it is those
directly responsible for the mistakes made
who should pay - according to their means. There
was no bloody excuse to bomb Iraq into the dark
ages even after it had fully withdrawn from its
disputed territory in Kuwait - a matter that was the
business of the sanely Arabs alone in areas
additionally as Lebanon etc who rightly stood to gain
from what is Arab Oil after all. 

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