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Does the functioning of the equivalent of the mind of a witch, who is demonic in fixating on others in a way as to bring about harmful effects, under some feign of “being controlled” have some validity in the realm of human existentialism? I put it to you that you would be most naïve or more like disingenuous perhaps if you were to deny this truth. After all, there was once a psychotic personality type exemplified in the man named Himmler of the third Reich, and we know that he sent many blonde beautiful women of Europe to gas chambers “as Jews” as he was simply insane to commit murder on a mass scale involving as many innocent victims as his plans would allow for “without being caught” at the game of psychotic stupidity – a willingness to harm others, in the complete absence of merit in being allowed to do so – other than “you are keeping faith with the rules as they currently are deemed good enough” for those that employ you to see them carried out as such. Who are these psychotic personality types, how do they form, what do they look like and how do they behave? Is there some uniformity or predictability or perhaps some ideations that are consistent within their ranks so that they might be more easily identified for purposes of classification in what would be useful policies in the management of human affairs and concern for fairness and justice – within their numbers as presently have survived historical events that have been invariably affected by this phenomenon of opposing types that continue to persist in their claims over control of human affairs in general? The Personalysis theory gives us the basics however we must look to their earlier research findings as presented in their widely distributed test score materials (provided to all those who took their tests a couple of decades ago or so) and the manual that was provided to those that attended their seminars in particular. The difficulty lies in the fact that the materials always had too much emphasis on pacifying “green” personality types (given the overwhelming negative data on such types as was documented in the research findings in objective form in any event nonetheless) and most especially so in recent times as there is overwhelming preference for catering to the current political correctness notions of “no one is out to get you in preaching equal rights – cause there aint no actually valid notions of right or wrong as long as you are with the egalitarian movement and are willing to go along with the lowest common denominator – completely oblivious to any sanity in respect of merit in consideration of normally understood concepts of human idealism or sensibility as it were. I will therefore endeavor, in the interests of merit and saner evaluation of the material, give you the facts as they were presented, without altering them other than to clarify conflicting comments as noted, or where extrapolations of the data lead to certain inescapable conclusions, or where the mind functioning described is based on informal observations that are easily enough to replicate even in the absence of a formal setting to conduct experiments in what would be documenting modes of behaviour in such an emphatic way as to negate a mode of existence whose time has come to an end – I refer once again to the “green child core” form of existing wherever it is fundamentally what is at play – such as for all too many peoples in Canada and elsewhere on the planet everywhere it would appear– excepting for the most part those of the true Irish spirit who have real Christianly merit of true worth, and have some psychotic symptoms mainly as a result of abusive conditions imposed by existing alongside those that did not have this merit and yet were allowed to prevail upon their betters – I refer to the genre of the prevailing such regimes in recent times, as it is not something I cannot do in good conscience backed by sound reasoning and enough evidence as to level the playing field against this genre or mode of being in favour of true Christianly beauty instead. The Personalysis theory may be described accurately in quite simply with brevity in mind, as follows: In Personalysis parlance, humans are formed into three modes of being as noted in Transactional analysis patterns of engagement – the “adult mode” describes the mask or style of interacting with the world as socialized to or even to some extent as genetically endowed to. The parent mode being essentially, a clearer indication of such interaction in modes of societal scrutiny. Both the adult and parent modes of functioning are ultimately or continually quite dispensable and superficial to what it is that is defined in the “child mode” of being as that is where the personality formation is at the core defined in what is enduring and substantial in respect of actual functioning and mind formation or even brain formation to the extent that this is relevant as it is quite reasonable to assume that one leads to the other in what would be a scenario of degenerative functioning over a considerable enough period of time – not to belabour on this aspect here – as it is a moot point to what it is I present in substantive terms for purposes of real edification for concerned human beings of merit. The theory is somewhat convoluted in the Personalysis discernment of the materials in seeing the differences of colour descriptions at each mode of existing as it were. However for the trained observer ad those that have worked with it for as long as I have and have experience with Human Relations coaching in what is the spirit of best merit and even training in the field combined with some formal (top of the class scores) psych studies at the University level in handling of trait theory material, the following is the best compilation I can offer you of their data research findings conclusions as they were described in relevant materials, and in the context of sound reading where overlaps pose potential conflict in accurate presentation in practical terms of application. People who have substantially “blue core child” along with blue present adult/parent modes of being as described in the research conclusions as follows: (By the way, the colour coding scheme has recently been re-arranged by those that offer the tests – somewhat like playing at musical chairs I suppose) Blue is capacity for being Rational, Empathetic, creative, caring, considerate, courteous, idealistic, humane, sensitive on the read, liking to plan, having a sanely aversion to insecurity, being uniquely conscientious, individualistic and honest, sincere as actual rather than pretence. The blue must be present in substantive core “child level” or it is of superficial quality of engagement and has no real merit other than as a manipulative device of sorts and rarely works too well – even Himmler had some blue understanding of superficial quality at the adult socialization level of his being – arguably – however it didn’t keep real blue peoples like Hillary Clinton out of the gas chambers as those that lack blue at the core are in a constant state of “mental and existential slaughter” of those that have real goodness instead – in that they have blue core traits of real merit. I use my words with care and advisement in light of the validity of the theory in all of its findings as presented in Personalysis publications and elsewhere in boarder media. Red is what is brutal strength in a human being – or animal like automaton – depending on if you have adequate levels of blue at the core. A person with blue can be trusted with right use of strength, while those that lack blue at the core have an absence of HUMAN idealism and therefore are fundamentally without a conscience in real fact. As such A man of great strength can be described with brutal strength of Herculean proportions and still be “god-like” in its use – provided he has the god-like humane conscience of true blue core – and the idealism that goes with the right cultivation of this. No good man will remain sane over time if he lacks strength to maintain himself free of “too much hurting” from abusers of those they consider weak. As too much baggage has an effect of contributing to the evaporation of blue core in favour of green over time – as such this truth must be widely made available and applied – of we are to prevent harm to good folk and preserve the human spirit with greatest idealism – free from harm from those that have malicious intent towards their spirit (green child types as is explained further below). Without enough Red, it is sometimes difficult to properly engage Blue which might be present, in effective enough manner given lack of strength in any given situation tends to defeat you from doing or sometimes even adequately thinking as to what would be the right thing to do. Red and Blue must always be present together in what it is we form into as the best human beings into the future. Yellow is an effusive human spirit that bloats the inner qualities that are related thereto. In order to be more than “just a feign” it has to be present with real blue – or it is simply offensive posturing by a wicked witch in real terms of what you see especially with what become “phony blondes” as are made in Canada and even elsewhere too certainly no doubt,  through the infliction of green mind functioning with actual malicious intent by those that have a mindset to do so –  Many in Canada, the country in which I continue to live at the present time perhaps, in any event, is often seen as practicing a form of 'communistic based thinking" in equalizing ways of thinking on matters in general to favour the lowest consensus achievement amongst various players from all corners of the planet in this regard. In respect of mores regarding matters of taste and judgment across the board, Canada is playing with fire in accepting and in fact insisting on abandoning good sense to promote instead  variant modes of thinking and being, believing, acting and expressing views adapted from all cultures and thinking types on the planet it seems, in complete rejection ultimately it would appear of all deemed sanely acceptable in these matters in our previous existence on the planet in respect of the pre-existing cultures of the european founders of the state.

More on “green” child types. A green child condition is someone that has been born with or has developed such negativity to be an essentially malicious personality disorder type towards those that have a better spirit, depending on how good a spirit you are in the first place. Those with sufficient goodness (Blue with red too additionally) can reject evil instincts altogether and perhaps even in every case across the board. Those born with a genuine Irish spirit such as a Melanie Griffith or Kaley Cuoco, Helene Fischer Greta Scacchi etc can all be perfectly angelic human beings despite any baggage they might suffer from any abuse or negativity they may have expeienced in life.

Those that have the opposing spirit to these angelic souls, exist instead with "green" functioning that resembles witch like fixations on control and retardation of those in their midst who have a genuine human spirit, including demonic inflections into the mind at times incessantly too perhaps and with cruelties of the mind and inflicted circumstances all designed to destroy what is fundamentally human and good in an individual in favour of phoney feigning instead, with hate being the primary emotion present despite appearances it would seem quite often along the way, no doubt, it seems.

The best souls must be free to live together in a community with standards of thinking and believing that are cognizant of the best ways and values which should prevail for such great spirits I speak of as the gals I mention above. We must reject the current movement sweeping the planet seeking to treat them as supposed equals to the degenerative ways of being often brought in to their matters instead from all over the planet it would appear, a brainchild of a "Dr Evil" perhaps.

I expect we will soon be naming names - or perhaps this will just stop, and true fairness will once more prevail on the planet everywhere we wish to be with our dear souls and merited men - whether from Italy, Spain or even Germany and australia etc. We'll have to see if fairness will just return without more protest and explanations naming the actors on the stage that seem to be orchestrating the death of merited fairness on the planet it seems, as they have been hell bent on for too long now I say. Time to reverse the tide.

Write to your MP and other decision makers in your communities today with your vote of support for rejecting and reversing the trend towards “equalized inanity”.

Michael Rizzo Chessman, Founder
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tempora mutantur et homines deteriorantur -  times
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